What started with saucepans and a BIAB (boil in a bag) kit back in a 5th district apartment of Vienna is now a totally independent Brewery & Taproom in the heart of the 10th district.


Born in the 5th. Brewed in the 10th.

We are proud and passionate about our independence, which enables us to enjoy the brewing process today as much as we did back then, in our apartment kitchen. Come by and say hello!


Welcome to Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty.

Martin & Simon


We are a passionately independent brewery (ownership and distribution) which allows us to brew beers the way we want to.


Our philosophy is simple:

  • Experiment with different styles

  • Create beers we want to drink

  • Select only the best ingredients

  • Employ natural (cold) filtration and carbonation techniques.


  • 100% of our beers are brewed and packaged on-site in our Brewery & Taproom.

  • Our home is the Machine Room of old Ankerbrotfabrik (Anker Bread Factory).

  • Many original features (open brick wall, machine winches/chains) remain intact.

  • We operate a 2,000 Litre simple but custom installed single infusion system.

We are always happy to show people around the brewery and answer any questions you may have.

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Bar Opening Hours

Thursday 18:00 - 23:00

Friday 17:00 - 23:00

© 2020 Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty. GmbH

Absberggasse 27/3/10.2, 1100 Wien

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