Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty. was conceived after we (Martin and Simon) were bought homebrew kits by our families. Having enjoyed the consumption of many different beers for many years, it was time to make it ourselves.


We started out with saucepans and effectively a BIAB (Boil In A Bag) kit. We quickly decided to upgrade our equipment so we could try 'All Grain' brewing with a much more professional set-up: a 20 litre plastic bucket with a heating element! Still, it did the job nicely and soon we were producing some pretty good homebrews, albeit in very limited quantities.


As enjoyable as it was working with the 20l bucket, we then decided to invest in a modest but much higher quality, stainless steel brew kettle and mash tun. Still only brewing small batches (now up to a whopping 50l per batch), this small step had a big impact our knowledge, quality and consistency of brewing. And now, after years of refining and enhancing our processes and recipes during long evening and weekend brew sessions, we are ready to share our beer. 

Bringing together our beer backgrounds (honestly spoken, largely consumption), enjoyment of the liquid gold and a serious passion for high quality beer . . . Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty. was born!



If you enjoy high-quality beer, appreciate the benefits of natural ingredients and respect the time-honoured process of brewing . . . then you are in the right place.


Our philosophy is simple:


  • use only high quality ingredients;


  • follow the natural, time honoured brewing processes. Our beers take at least 4 weeks to produce and they don’t leave us until they are ready. It is our strong belief that you can’t cheat time;


  • create living beers that are conditioned / carbonated in the bottle;


  • minimise the environmental impact in all of our processes and packaging;


  • create great tasting beers that we enjoy to drink and hopefully introduce beer drinkers, traditional and new alike, to a more diverse range of styles and flavours to enjoy.


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