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Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty. is a passionately independent and privately owned craft beer brewery, located in the old Ankerbrotfabrik in Favoriten (1100 Vienna). As a completely independent brewery, we are free to make the beers we want to make: with a focus on quality, authenticity, flavour and innovation. Efficiency and cost management are are a business consideration for us but they are not a goal of our brewery. Our distribution partners and suppliers are as passionately independent as we are and equally focused on quality above all else.


100% of our beers are brewed, fermented, conditioned and packaged in our brewery. We have complete control over our products and our principles:


  • We use only the highest quality ingredients.


  • Our processes are natural and slow.


  • Our beers are unfiltered and naturally carbonated.


  • Our brewery and taproom is open to one and all.


We strive to be part of the community we serve. We welcome questions about our brewery, processes and beers. We’re happy to discuss and share what we know about making beer with our community. Whether you are an occasional beer drinker, passionate beer connoisseur, budding homebrewer or professional beer brewer: we’d love to engage with you.


This is an open invitation: come and visit us, give us your feedback, ask us questions, share ideas and maybe even try one or two of our handcrafted beers while you’re at it.


This is our promise. This is our passion. This is Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty.

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